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Governor Pat McCrory
Secretary of Commerce John E. Skvarla, III
Assistant Secretary W.T. Brinn, Jr.
Services for Veterans
North Carolina’s Division of Employment Security has a dedicated veteran service staff assigned in 60 local offices to ensure the delivery of the highest caliber of employment and training services to veterans throughout the state and to ensure the application of preference and/or priority services to veterans as prescribed by federal, state, and local laws. Local veteran employment representatives (LVERs) and disabled veteran outreach specialists (DVOPs) are trained and ready to assist veterans with their employment and training needs.

For more information contact: Director, DES Veterans Employment Service at (919) 707-1940.

opens a new browser window  The Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS)
The VETS is an organization within the U.S. Department of Labor that is closely affiliated with the DES in our mission to help veterans secure meaningful, career employment. Additionally, the VETS staff within North Carolina has several responsibilities unrelated to DES's functions. VETS provides technical assistance to employers, veterans and members of Reserve components regarding nondiscrimination and employment protections related to covered military service, and investigates and resolves related claims. They have a similar responsibility regarding veterans' employment preference with federal agencies and departments. VETS role with businesses that contract with federal agencies and departments is somewhat different in that they promote compliance with the job listing, affirmative action and non-discrimination provisions of the contracts and collect the VETS 100 reports filed annually by each contractor. VETS provides administrative support to the Presidents National Hire Veterans Committee.
opens a new browser window The Department of Veterans Affairs
A world-wide resource that provides information on veterans programs, benefits, facilities worldwide, and medical automation software.
opens a new browser window More Veteran Services
Link to more information on veterans benefits, resources for veteran job seekers, including information for employers interested in hiring veterans.

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