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Important Alert: The Division of Employment Security has begun mailing letters to claimants who received their FIRST unemployment benefit payment on or after March 1, 2014. These letters will inform claimants of a mandatory in-person interview, known as an Employability Assessment Interview (EAI). For more information on these interviews, click here.

Important Information Concerning 1099s
DES has completed the mailing of all 1099s. 1099s are also available online here. You need this 1099 because your unemployment benefits are taxable and you should include the unemployment insurance payments you received on your federal and state tax filing form.

There is currently no extension of federal unemployment benefits available. We will update our website if something changes. At this time, the maximum number of weeks someone is eligible for unemployment benefits in North Carolina is 19.

Important information concerning repayment of claims reversed on appeal can be found here.

Are you properly searching for work to remain eligible for unemployment benefits? Click here for more information.

Employer information concerning the National Directory of New Hires can be found by clicking here.

Employer Alert-Phishing Scam!
Click Here for more information.

Proposed Adoption of Rules for DES Please click here.

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 -    Please be aware that when a claimant receiving benefits has his/her claim reversed on appeal, the benefits received will be an overpayment subject to repayment to the Division. The Law requires all persons who have received benefits to which they are not entitled “for any reason” to be liable to repay the benefits received, including when decisions at any Division or judicial level have been reversed on appeal. G.S.§96-18(g)(2).
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About DES
The mission of the Division of Employment Security (DES) is to administer the unemployment system in the state—delivering competent, consistent and quality service to employers and claimants. The division provides temporary compensation to those individuals who have lost their job through no fault of their own while they are actively seeking re-employment. It is the division’s responsibility to its customers to provide timely benefits to the unemployed while being good stewards of the unemployment trust fund which is financed primarily by employer contributions. DES seeks to ensure that those receiving benefits have met the eligibility requirement set by state and federal law. It is also crucial that DES partner within the workforce community to ensure those seeking employment are provided all the skills and resources necessary to integrate successfully into the workforce.

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